The Learning Place

The Learning Place is a compilation of short videos featuring past BCFHRC families.  The clips include parents talking about a wide variety of topics, not limited to but including: initial reactions to diagnosis, their child’s hearing equipment, choosing a communication method, starting preschool and Kindergarten, and many more.  This resource was specifically created to share with our current BCFHRC families as they are partaking in early intervention services.

My Turn To Learn

Parents want current, unbiased information when facing the challenges of raising an infant or young child identified with hearing loss/deafness. This resource guides families to consider evidence and choose strategies that promote communication and healthy interactions with their baby.  Written by BCFHRC staff, this handbook is a must-have for every family with a baby who is deaf or hard-of-hearing.  It is currently available in Chinese (both Simplified & Traditional Chinese), Farsi/Persian, Korean and Punjabi.  Parents can receive this book for free by contacting us to request a copy.

Provincial Resource Library

Housed in our Main Surrey Centre, our resource library holds hundreds of books, videos and research journals related to the topics of hearing loss/deafness and child development that are available for loan to parents and professionals throughout British Columbia. Because it is so important to develop early literacy skills in children with hearing loss/deafness, we also have hundreds of books for young children available on loan to families.  There are also three iPads available for loan to families.  These iPads are stocked with ASL stories that you can read with your child to help develop their ASL literacy.

Solutions for Retention

Struggling to keep hearing equipment on your little one?  Check out our handy guide HERE to all the different options for retention and where to find them.

Online Resources


BC Hands & Voices

BC Hands & Voices is a parent-driven organization supporting families of children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, from birth to 5 years.  This organization supports families by offering workshops, parent coffee nights, family events and newsletters.

Canadian Deafblind Association – BC Chapter

Early intervention support services for families of young deafblind children.

Canadian Hard of Hearing Association – BC Parents Branch

CHHA – BC Parents Branch is a province-wide networks of parents, families and friends of children who are hard-of-hearing.  They organize workshops and publish a newsletter that is full of useful information for parents.  Current and past issues of their newsletter are available on their website.

Family Network for Deaf Children

This is an organization for families with deaf and hard-of-hearing children who use sign language as their primary language.  They provide information and support to parents through workshops, videos, and an informative newsletter that is available on their website.


Deaf, Hard-of-Hearing and Deaf-Blind Well-Being Program

Government funded mental health service provider.

Government of BC – Ministry of Children and Family Development
MCFD Caring for Young Children

Information on resources for families of young children.

Government of BC – Provincial Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services, Family & Community Services
PDHHS-Family & Community Services

A provincial resource program designed to strengthen family relationships and support the development of school-age children who are deaf and hard of hearing.  Many of their programs and resources are also open to families with children younger than school age.

Infant Development Program

Serves children birth to 3 years who are at risk for, or already have, a delay in development.

Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Provides products, audiology, services and programs that work towards accessibility for individuals who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.


1001 Books in ASL

Videos of children’s books translated into ASL.


Online American Sign Language video dictionary.

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Provides services to assist persons who are deaf and hard-of-hearing, living on Vancouver Island.


Online American Sign Language video lessons.

Sign with Me

Infant sign language resources.


AG Bell Association for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Resources for families using spoken language to communicate.

Voice for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children

Resources for families using spoken language to communicate.