Kate Fichard, an hard-of-hearing photographer was looking for a way to make hearing aids a piece of high fashion.  The result was the H(Earring) Project.

In an article from the Financial Times, Kate said ““I wanted to transform the prosthesis into a fashion accessory — like a pair of sunglasses.”  She asked friends Julia Dessirier and Flora Fixy of the Paris-based F&D studio to work on the jewelry-like designs.  From the same FT article: “the designers focused on how a piece of kit with a highly specific functionality might be transformed. “We didn’t want to to disguise the hearing aid,” says Fixy, “but to think of it as something beautiful instead.””

More information and photos can be found HERE.

Citation: Ellison, J. (2 May 2018). Can a hearing aid be high fashion? Financial Times. Retrieved from www.ft.com