Statement from BC Family Hearing Resource Society on National Truth & Reconciliation Day

September 30, 2021 is National Truth & Reconciliation Day across Canada. All of our centres will be closed to allow our staff and families time to reflect upon the meaning of this day and its impact on their lives.

We as an organization are actively exploring a path towards cultural safety and inclusivity. We want to be thoughtful advocates and allies for our families and for each other. This is a journey of deepening our understanding which will increase our authentic relationships with Indigenous Peoples, communities, and organizations.

We encourage you to find ways to participate in National Truth and Reconciliation Day. Here are some things that you can do:

  • Visit the website for the National Centre for Truth & Reconciliation for more information:
  • Wear an orange shirt as Orange Shirt Day is also September 30th. For more information about why we wear orange and the origins of Orange Shirt Day visit:
  • Many communities are holding ceremonies, drum circles and other remembrances. Visit the website for your local municipality to find out what is being planned. Here are just a few:

o In Surrey:

o In Vancouver:

o In Victoria: victoria-orange-shirt-day-every-child-matters-ceremony-is-sept-30-in-centennial-.html