Information about our Services

If you have a family that would benefit from our services at BCFHRC, please share our most recent informational brochure with them.  Referrals can be made for any child with any permanent hearing loss/deafness, regardless of type, cause or level.  Referral forms are found HERE.

If you have questions or concerns regarding a child with temporary conductive hearing loss or Children of Deaf Adults (CODA’s), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Informational Handouts

Our professional staff have compiled a series of handouts that provide concise and unbiased information for parents on a variety of topics.  Here are just a few samples that you can share with your families.

How to Describe your Child’s Hearing

List of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Inclusive Books

Considering Access & Acoustics in Classrooms

Communication Strategies at a Glance

We also have handouts on topics such as the Communication Continuum, FM/DM Systems, Hearing Aids, Ling 6 Sound Test, Audiograms and Causes of Hearing Loss.  If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

My Turn To Learn

Parents want current, unbiased information when facing the challenges of raising an infant or young child identified with hearing loss/deafness. This resource guides families to consider evidence and choose strategies that promote communication and healthy interactions with their baby.  Written by BCFHRC staff, this handbook is a must-have for every family with a baby who is deaf or hard-of-hearing.  It is currently available in English, Chinese (both Simplified & Traditional Chinese), Farsi/Persian, Korean and Punjabi. Professionals can order their copy HERE.

Provincial Resource Library

Housed in our Main Surrey Centre, our library holds hundreds of books, videos and research journals related to the topics of hearing loss/deafness and child development that are available for loan to parents and professionals throughout British Columbia.

Annual Reports

Our Annual Reports provide a year-to-year snapshot of what we have accomplished and how we are growing.