Kindness Week 2022 was an opportunity for BC Family Hearing Resource Society staff, families and partners to celebrate acts of kindness and to open a dialogue about inclusion, equity and diversity.
Every day had a specific theme and we shared stories and resources related to that theme. Check out the newsletters for each day by clicking on the themes below.

You can also check out the Kindness Week posts on our 3 social media channels (just search #KindnessWeek2022):

What was the purpose of Kindness Week?

During the year there are many different holidays, cultural celebrations, and days of remembrance of significance.  It was a challenge to ensure that we were recognizing all of these important days; but also to do so in a way that was meaningful.  Over the past year, as a team, we have been talking about diversity and inclusion and what that means for our organization.  The families and partners that we work with are incredibly diverse in many ways.  But the one commonality we share is that our priority is our children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

We were concerned that if we attempted to capture all the days of significance to our diverse community we would risk missing some or not being able to reflect on each day in a meaningful way.  And so, we have created Kindness Week. We wanted something that would allow us to celebrate all the wonderful diversity that exists in our population through a deaf and hard of hearing lens.  This week is our way of sharing the values that are important to BC Family Hearing Resource Society, to embrace the diversity and uniqueness of our population and to celebrate the things that bring us together as a community.