Started in 2016, the Foundations for Families workshop was created to ensure that all of our families had the same strong base of knowledge about their child’s hearing loss/deafness.

This information is usually shared at the beginning of a family’s journey; but it can often get forgotten or not completely understood at the time. We feel so strongly about the importance of families receiving this information that we have offered this workshop in a variety of cities around the province each year since 2016.

The basis of this workshop is to strengthen families’ knowledge on their child’s hearing loss/deafness and how it relates to their child’s development.  Research shows that children who are deaf or hard-of-hearing are at risk for social, emotional and academic difficulties. The Foundations for Families workshop aims to equip families with the knowledge to make well-informed decisions and the strategies to support their child’s development in these areas.

Foundations for Families also provides an opportunity for parents to ask questions and engage in discussion with staff and other parents in your community who are also experiencing this journey.  Connecting with families is a valuable way to build confidence in yourself and self-esteem in your children, while gaining knowledge from others with shared experiences.  These friendships and connections provide continued support as your child graduates from BCFHRC’s services and enters the school system.

Families shared that after the 2-day workshop they felt more informed and empowered about their child’s communication needs, what risks to look out for, and how to advocate for their child’s access.  Some families commented that they appreciated reviewing information that they had learned about before, but could apply from a new perspective now that their child is older.

Here’s what some families shared after attending the Foundations for Families workshop:

“Not to miss!  They will get all the tools and support they need to empower them to help their child succeed!”

“I am much more comfortable with moving forward to support my child.  I have a better understanding overall.  Lots of resources!”

 “There is so much good, applicable information provided at this workshop to help parents create a much improved learning environment for their children with hearing differences.”

 “There was lots of information that I can apply NOW to help keep me focused.  It was nice to know that others have the same concerns and had some ideas and strategies to help!”

Interested?  Click HERE for more information on dates and locations.

Are you, or do you know, a professional working with children that are deaf or hard-of-hearing?  We also have a Foundations for Professionals workshop.  Click HERE for more information.