Whether it’s starting daycare, kindergarten or simply trying swimming lessons for the first time, transitions can be a time of excitement and apprehension.  Children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing require additional considerations when preparing for and making these transitions.

While presenting challenges, each transition can also be an opportunity to learn more about a child’s needs and the process of advocating for those needs.  Our staff at BCFHRC are ready to fully support each family during these times of change with guidance, support and care.

Transition support services include:

  • Consultation to daycares and preschools.
  • Access to our Daycare, Preschool & Kindergarten Transition Packages.
  • Connection to other families, who have navigated these transitions, through our P2P Support Network.
  • Access to our in-centre provincial library and online resources.

Heading off to Kindergarten is a sure sign that our little ones are growing up.  However, when your child is deaf or hard-of-hearing, it can also be a time of concern and uncertainty.  We recognize how important the beginning of your child’s school career is, and as such, work with families to ensure that they are fully prepared to make that next step.  While discussions about school entry can happen at any time, a serious focus begins a full-year ahead of your child entering Kindergarten. These conversations will include the best school options, the specific needs of your child and how to navigate the school system as a parent.  Specifically, the services for parents readying for this transition are:

  • Access to our PEER Kindergarten Transition Program.  This involves evening sessions for parents, over the course of 6 months, culminating in a 3-day workshop for both parents and their children.
  • Access to our Kindergarten Transition Booklet, written specifically for parents of children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing.
  • Support in selecting the appropriate educational path, as well as through the registration process.
  • Interventionist attendance at the school-based initial pre-Kindergarten meeting and first Individualized Education Plan (IEP) session.