It's not important HOW you communicate, it's simply that you DO!

A core part of our values is to provide service that is family-centred.

This means that parents are active and equal partners in the provision of our services, and that they have real choices regarding the type of service they choose for their child. We cherish the value of putting families at the centre of service provision, and we work hard to adapt to the family’s individual needs, whether that means accommodating a child’s multiple diagnoses or translating our parent education book into a variety of languages.

We value informed choice. It is hard to make a decision about something important when you don’t know much about it. The more you understand about your child’s development, the more you are able to make informed decisions about it.

We understand that informed choice takes time and decisions are not permanent. As you learn about the issues, and about how they affect your child, your decisions may change and we are able to change with you. We are caring and compassionate. We recognize the sensitive nature of the services we provide and strive to create a safe supportive environment for all individuals and families, including those with diverse ethinic and cultural backgrounds.

Services available for infants, toddlers and preschool children
  • Individual home-based, centre-based, and web camera-based sessions
  • Speech, language and auditory therapy
  • Sign language instruction
  • Language groups for children and parents
  • Extended family support
  • Parent to parent support
  • Deaf mentor sessions
  • Consultation to preschools/daycare
  • Cochlear implant habilitation
  • Access to current research, information and education materials
  • Practical tips for parents
  • Outreach services