It's not important HOW you communicate, it's simply that you DO!

The BCFHRC fosters an environment that supports research endeavors, particularly those involving interdisciplinary collaboration with the Program in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Human Early Learning Partnership (HELP) at the University of British Columbia. During the past few years there have been several steps taken to develop a strong research base at BCFHRS.

 Our long-term collaboration with University of British Columbia - Faculty of Education and University of British Columbia School of Audiology and Speech Sciences - Faculty of Medicine has resulted in official collaborative agreement (s) which allows us to support each other’s training and research needs. We are working closely with them as we develop projects that provide education on best practices in early intervention for deaf and hard of hearing infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

For further information please contact our Executive Director Dr. Noreen Simmons at

Research Highlights
  • Focus groups on culturally diverse parents regarding their beliefs and practices on hearing loss in preschoolers
  • Qualitative interviews regarding linguistic diversity in preschoolers with hearing loss

  • Development of a hearing loss registry in BC
  • Investigation of the impact of cochlear implants and early identification on communication choices in preschoolers