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Parent Support Network

Why a Support Network?

When a child is diagnosed with a hearing loss, the parents often want to speak with other parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. This is sometimes more challenging in communities outside of the Lower Mainland because of the small numbers of deaf and hard of hearing children across BC.

Our Family Support Parent coordinates our Provincial Parent to Parent Support Network, providing a unique opportunity for parents to connect and share similar experiences throughout the province; and encouraging them to derive strength from others who have walked in their shoes. She not only has personal experience and expertise with hearing loss, but also supports, educates, and advocates for parents. Parents have the opportunity to be matched with parent mentors who can help provide them with essential information and support.

Below are some comments from parents who found it very helpful to have the opportunity to share experiences, concerns, and ideas with other families in similar situations:

“When our child was first diagnosed we felt so isolated. It seemed like we were the only family in the world with a deaf child. The other family helped us so much; they understood what we were going through. They had experienced similar frustrations with their child’s behaviour before he was able to express himself. John and I no longer feel so alone.”

“This was one of the most positive experiences we have had in dealing and coping with our child’s hearing loss. We had never before seen another child wearing hearing aids! The other parents understood our worries and questions and were able to give us many useful tips.”

Who Do We Contact to Participate?

You can obtain an application form by calling the Centre, toll free, at 1-877-584-2827. The information on the form will help us to match you with another family who share similar concerns or experiences. Please remember to sign the form so that we may proceed. Your information will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to make matches with other families in the Parent to Parent Support Network.

How Will It Work?

The Family Support Parent will call you before making a match. This personal connection will enable her to better understand your needs and, therefore, make the best possible match for your family. When an appropriate match is made, you will be contacted with a letter giving the name and number of the matching family. If you do not feel comfortable contacting the matched family, arrangements can be made for them to contact you.

Here are some ways that families have connected:

  • one-time only phone conversation
  • on-going phone conversations
  • visit with the matching family
  • corresponding through email

Follow Up:

You will be contacted by the Family Support Parent within a few weeks of receiving your matching family in order to be sure that the Network has provided you with appropriate support. At that time you may request another match if you feel this would be helpful.

You can contact the BC Family Hearing Resource Society at any time with questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions. For more information contact:

Parent to Parent Support Network
for Parents of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Throughout BC
BC Family Hearing Resource Society
15220 92nd Avenue , Surrey, BC V3R 2T8
or call: 604-584-2827 voice / 604-584-9108 tty / 604-584-2800 fax
or toll free at 1-877-584-2827