It's not important HOW you communicate, it's simply that you DO!

The BC Family Hearing Resource Centre is a welcoming place for all families with babies and young children with hearing loss. Since 1982, we have created a warm and friendly learning environment that many families call "home."  We work in partnership with families to provide quality programming appropriate for each individual child and family.

Is your baby or child too young to start services? Should you wait? NO!

Recent research has proven that identifying language and communication challenges early in a child's life results in significantly better speech and language development. For this reason, even if your baby is only a few months old, we urge you to begin services NOW! Supporting language development as early as possible will ensure positive outcomes through a strong foundation of learning to listen and communicate effectively.

A common parental concern is HOW to select the "right" program and approach for their child.

Parents often report that they are very anxious about making what appear to be critical, life-altering decisions for their children. Please keep in mind that the decisions you make about communication methods and programs are NOT irreversible. No one single approach or method has been scientifically proven to be the best choice for all deaf or hard of hearing children and it, therefore, makes good sense to be open to all approaches, and to offer families the opportunity to explore all methods without the pressure of an immediate and seemingly irreversible decision. Not being tied to one methodological approach allows us to be flexible and much more responsive to the individual needs of each child and family. Working together with you, we will discover what works the best for YOUR child and family. Progress will be continually monitored in order to know if the plan is working. At any point strategies may change without affecting the continuity of care.