Any BC Family Hearing Resource Society family is able to access the various programs we offer during the year.  Some programs are offered in various locations throughout the province to increase accessibility.  We also offer the opportunity to join us online for many of our workshops and classes.  With a wide variety of programs, they offer the opportunity for families and children to connect with each other, learn more in a fun environment and become a part of a very special community.  We are always interested in finding out what our families are interested in; please contact us to share your thoughts about future classes and workshops.

Locations throughout BC & Online:
Foundations for Families

Our FOUNDATIONS Workshop is designed to strengthen families’ knowledge of their child’s hearing/deafness and how it relates to their language development.  The workshop also aims to equip families with the knowledge they need to make well-informed decisions and strategies to support their child’s progress.  It is a 2-day program that is offered in various cities throughout BC during the year, led by Early Interventionists.

Stay tuned for our 2020-2021 workshops!

All 3 Centres: ASL Evening Classes for Parents

Our ASL evening classes provide an opportunity for parents to come together as a group and learn language & skills appropriate for their children at their stage of development.  It also offers parents the chance to get to know one another in an environment with shared goals.  Contact us to find out when the next sessions are happening.

Surrey & Online: PEER Kindergarten Transition Program

The Preschoolers Esteem & Emotional Readiness (PEER) program, developed by BC Family Hearing Resource Centre, is designed to educate parents about how to effectively advocate for their child’s specific needs as related to hearing loss/deafness in school settings. This consists of evening workshop for parents and a 3-day workshop for both parents and children.  PEER is available to families one year prior to their child’s entrance into Kindergarten.